Fangzheng means Upright and Foursquare in Chinese language.
Zibo Fangzheng Wear Resistant Material Technology Co.,Ltd (known as FZ- Industry),located in Zibo, Shandong Province, PRChina, is a company specializing in the development,design,manufacture and supply of hi-tech ceramics for industrial applications. FZ-Industry Specializes in the manufacture of the wear protection products,
  High Alumina Ceramic Liner
  Wear Resistant Rubber/Ceramic Liners
  Wear-resistant Ceramic Pipe
  Ceramic Pulley Lagging
  Engineering and Equipments
  Alumina Ball
  Rubber Backed Ceramic Sheet

ADD:255300,Xujia Industrial Zone,Zhoucun District,Zibo,Shandong,PRChina  Mrs Bernice Liu TEL:+86-533-6060896  FAX:+86-533-6060896  MOB:0086-18264376577 

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